Garner Plumbing Service

Professional, Friendly Plumbing Service & Repair in Garner NC

If you need fast, friendly, and professional plumbing repair in the Wake County area, call Garner Plumbing Service. Anything from a clogged sink to a broken toilet and anything in between, we can provide the service. Our company has years of professional experience providing top-quality service with a smile.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Whatever your residential plumbing issue is, we have the knowledge, experience, and know-how needed to solve your issue quickly and done right the very first time. It is not uncommon for other plumbing contractors to take too long to solve easy-to-fix problems and overcharge to compensate for their lack of experience. We believe in honesty and proving the best possible service at reasonable prices. Our policy is that each customer is treated like a part of our family.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Did you get ready to take a hot shower only to find out you have no hot water? Don’t worry! Garner Plumbing service has a 24/7 call center and we can come right out to repair your water heater quickly and at a reasonable price. There are some cases where it would be cheaper in the long run to replace your water heater system rather than replace it. In this case, we will thoroughly go over each option with you so you can make the best informed decision. Water heaters often function near perfectly for many years with little maintenance needed, but on occasion, they can break down from even the smallest things. Having your water heater out of action isn’t acceptable, you need hot water for so many things!

We have a lot of experience replacing and repairing water heaters all around the Garner NC area. If your water heater is on the fritz, don’t hesitate to call us today! Our fast, friendly service is one of the reasons that we are the preferred plumbing service in and around the Garner area. Garner Plumbing Service has made a name for itself by providing fast, friendly service at reasonable prices. We’ve got a proven track record of water heater repair and maintenance under our belts.

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Garner Plumbing Service

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